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Publishing real time Open Data for public transport

by Dylan Van Assche

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Informing commuters in real time

You're standing on the platform and wondering again how much delay you train will have. Or is your train canceled? Information is important, the faster you have been informed, the better!

In this thesis, we added real time information to Linked Connections. If your train has been delayed or canceled, you will get a notification on your phone! You can immediately search for an alternative to get to your destination.

Alternative for your trip based on real time data

You missed your train and want to find alternative? You can look up your trip again in several public transport apps and plan it from scratch.

In this thesis, we looked at a different approach. We used the real time data to give automatically an alternative for the commuter in case of delays or canceled vehicles. Our Sailfish OS mobile application LCRail automatically reroute your trip while you can enjoy a cup of coffee!

Cost efficient for publishers and consumers of Open Data

Publishing and consuming data can be expensive. The more data you have to exchange, the more bandwidth you have to use.

In this thesis, we compared several data formats and transport protocols to publish real time Open Data in a cost efficient way. For publishers, we compared a pushing with a polling approach to get the data to the clients. For data consumers, we developed several approaches to use this real time data in a more efficient way.

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